Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Slammed For Keeping Voters In The Dark

As Oregon faces a potentially crippling pension debt crisis, embattled Governor Kate Brown is committed to keeping the public in the dark.

Instead of openly debating solutions to the nearly $25 billion in unfunded liabilities, Kate Brown’s task force, which comes after years of outright avoiding the pension crisis, is rejecting transparency and doubling down on “complete secrecy”.

The Bulletin Editorial Board writes, “Oregon’s politicians have done an appallingly poor job of managing the costs of the state’s pension fund. Would things get better with more secrecy? No.”

“But Gov. Kate Brown has given her blessing that her task force set up to brainstorm $5 billion worth of solutions can meet in complete secrecy.”

“…Brown has told them they don’t have to bother with being open to the public.”

It’s just another example of Kate Brown’s broken promises on government transparency.

After replacing disgraced Governor John Kitzhaber, Brown remarked, “It was clear transparency was not a priority in the prior administration. I changed that my first day on the job and every day since.”

As it turns out, Kate Brown changed nothing.