Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Slammed For Dithering On Pension Reform

Under embattled Democrat Governor Kate Brown, Oregon’s pension crisis continues to grow – with the state’s unfunded liabilities now reaching over $25 billion. At the same time, Oregon’s schools continue to rank among the worst in the nation, with the third worst graduation rate.

Kate Brown’s plan to deal with the pension crisis? Punt and wait until 2019. Now, the press is slamming her for it.

Over the weekend, The Oregonian published a brutal editorial taking Brown to task for her refusal to take the pension crisis head on before more schoolchildren are hurt as dollars are siphoned from the classroom to pensions.

The Oregonian Editorial Board writes,

“Because the pension system carries a $25 billion unfunded liability, all public employers are making higher contributions to the system with larger spikes expected for years to come. That means fewer dollars will go to hiring teachers, counselors and reading specialists and more will go to the PERS system.”

Instead of immediately attacking the problem, however, she and other Democratic leaders said reform will have to wait. Until 2019.”

While Kate Brown dithers, schoolchildren suffer. Waiting until 2019 is “time that Oregon students don’t have.”