Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Rocked By ANOTHER Medicaid Scandal

Under Democrat Governor Kate Brown, Oregon’s Medicaid system has been rocked in the past year by not one – but two – healthcare mismanagement scandals, calling into question Kate Brown’s basic competence as chief executive.

Last night, the Oregonian reported that under Kate Brown, Oregon wrongly paid out more than $74 million in Medicaid money. Now, Oregon taxpayers are on the hook for reimbursing the federal government.

Kate Brown’s defense? She claims she was “kept in the dark.”

That’s a laughable excuse. The Oregonian notes that the Oregon Health Authority has “known about the problem of overpayments…since at least 2016.” Kate Brown either isn’t telling the truth, or has no idea what’s going on in her own government.

This is the second Medicaid scandal for Kate Brown this year. In May, the Oregonianreported the state had “dispensed millions of dollars in Medicaid assistance to thousands of Oregonians with no idea whether they were eligible.” In September, Oregon was forced to expel nearly 55,000 enrollees – half of its Medicaid patients – from the program because they were deemed ineligible.

After these mismanagement scandals, Kate Brown is still trying to stop voters from repealing a massive $670 million healthcare tax she signed into law.

With scandal after scandal, Kate Brown has proven that she can’t be trusted to govern.