Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Puts Campaigning Ahead of Governing

Lately, Democrat Oregon Governor Kate Brown has been spending so much time worrying about re-election that she’s forgotten about the job voters elected her to do: governing. A new report by The Oregonian reveals that since Brown won election four months ago, she’s spent a large amount of her time focused on campaigning.

“Since winning the state’s highest office less than four months ago, Brown has devoted an average of six hours a week to calling potential donors, meeting with supporters and other campaign activities, an Oregonian/OregonLive analysis of her calendar shows. That adds up to about 73 hours strictly campaigning.

Over that same period, her calendar shows she has spent an average of 37 hours a week on state business, including working on her budget proposal and assessing the snowstorm damage in Ontario. Those official work hours also include frequent drives between Salem and Portland, daily lunch breaks and appearances at events such as religious services or constituent photo opportunities.”

Despite having won election just four months ago to serve out the reminder of the term of disgraced Democrat governor John Kitzhaber, who was forced to resign after numerous scandals, Kate Brown seems more concerned with saving her political career than she has with serving her constituents. Oregon deserves a governor who will work tirelessly on behalf of the people, not themselves.