Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Is All Talk, No Action on Transparency

While failed Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown talks a big game on transparency, her record tells a different story. Over the weekend, Brown tried to push through legislation to carve out another public records exemption, despite her claims to being an advocate for greater accountability. Oregon already has 550 such exemptions, as opposed to the 9 that exist for federal agencies.

The Oregonian reports:

“The national Freedom of Information Act, which governs the release of documents from federal agencies, has nine exemptions.

But Oregon? We’ve got 550 exemptions.

The latest? House Bill 2326, introduced at the request of Gov. Kate Brown, would make private the names of veterinarians who are fined by the Oregon State Veterinary Medical Examining Board.”

Kate Brown may claim to support greater transparency in Oregon’s government, but just this weekend she championed another public records loophole to add to the hundreds Oregon already has. Throughout her time in office, Kate Brown has been all talk and no action on transparency while the people of Oregon continue to remain desperate for accountability.