Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Ignores Basic Issues In Her Push For Tax Hikes

Embattled Democrat Governor Kate Brown is committed to passing even more dangerous tax hikes in Oregon, including a $1.4 billion energy tax that could raise fuel and electricity prices on hardworking families.

But Kate Brown’s zeal for tax hikes and her commitment to turn herself into a national left-wing celebrity appears to be clouding her ability to deal with basic quality of life issues. For instance, Willamette Week is reporting that Portland – Oregon’s largest city – is facing a growing crime problem, with car thefts setting a 20-year record.

“More than 6,500 vehicles were stolen from driveways, parking spots and curbsides last year.”

Brown has refused to make theft and vandalism a top priority, and cavalierly said that vandalism is an “unfortunate experience…that many Oregonians have been through” without bothering to propose solutions.

It’s just another example of a pattern of gross mismanagement for Kate Brown, which includes a failure to improve Oregon’s “bottom of the barrel” schools and hundreds of millions of wasted healthcare dollars. For Kate Brown, tax hikes and TV cameras are more important than addressing basic quality of life issues.