Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Fails To Keep Her Promises On Education

Despite committing to ensure funding for “current levels of service” at Oregon Public Schools, failed Democrat governor Kate Brown’s new budget is expected to force cuts of up to $20 million a year for two years in three major school districts – in direct contrast to what she promised.

My Columbia Basin reports:

“Gov. Kate Brown says that her recommended budget will support what she calls ‘current levels of service’ in school districts throughout the state. The local school districts say that with rising costs, that’s simply not the case.

The state’s three largest school districts say Brown’s $8.2 billion dollar budget will mean they will have to make cuts of up to $20 million a year for the two-year proposal. Those three districts are Beaverton, Portland and Salem-Keizer.”

It appears Kate Brown’s commitment to ensuring “current levels of service” was nothing more than talk that misled voters. Kate Brown’s refusal to keep her promises to students and teachers further shows her inability to lead Oregon forward.