OOPS: Maryland Democrat Ben Jealous Holds Presser About Cutting Taxes, But Ends Up Saying He Would Raise Them

Yesterday, avowed tax-hiker Ben Jealous disingenuously tried at a press conference to propose a plan to lower sales taxes. Jealous has repeatedly proposed raising taxes, and has made a radical healthcare plan that would raise taxes by $2,800 on every man, woman and child the centerpiece of his campaign.

But the problem grew even worse for Jealous when halfway through his presser he admitted he was actually open to raising sales taxes. In other words, “Oops!”

A reporter pointed out that Jealous’ previously released healthcare plan included a hike in the sales tax, the complete opposite of his new proposal. Jealous then had trouble explaining his new position, eventually conceding that a “sales tax increase” would be a “hypothetical possibility” under his administration. Watch here.

Ben Jealous is a far-left radical who would hike taxes on Maryland families, and even Jealous can’t pretend otherwise.