Oops! Deeds Did It Again…

The Republican Governors Association launched a new ad seizing on Creigh Deeds’ latest flip-flop, which occurred after Tuesday’s gubernatorial debate.

“Creigh Deeds waffles more than IHOP after church lets out on Sunday,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “But unlike their customers, Deeds leaves ‘everything on the table.’”

When asked during the debate whether or not he would have Virginia opt out of a “public option” healthcare plan, Deeds said: “I’m not afraid of going against my fellow Democrats when I think they’re wrong…The public option isn’t required in my view.”

In a press gaggle after the debate, Deeds admitted: “I think you need to leave all your options on the table” and unequivocally denied that he was opposed to the public option.