One Week Later, Ohio Democrat Richard Cordray Still Refuses To Apologize For Offensive Nazi Comparisons

One week after a second video emerged showing him comparing Republicans to Nazis and the Holocaust, Ohio Democrat gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray is still refusing to apologize for his reckless and offensive comments. Cordray and his campaign have instead failed to take ownership of his words while putting out statements defending his actions in a misguided attempt to justify them.

After The Cincinnati Enquirer first reported on video of Cordray comparing Republicans who refused to oppose Governor John Kasich’s policies as “Vichy Republicans,” equating them to those who “collaborated with the Nazis,” Cordray made headlines again last Thursday after he was caught at a separate campaign event comparing the tone of the White House to “Nazi Germany,” equating the Republicans to Nazis and the Holocaust.

By refusing to apologize for his irresponsible remarks, Cordray continues to demonstrate a clear lack of character and judgement, proving to Ohio voters that he does not have the temperament to lead. Instead of defending his statements, Cordray should immediately apologize for his offensive comparisons.