NYT Calls Out Dem Gov Andrew Cuomo For Claiming That He Was “Never Mentioned” At Aide’s Corruption Trial

The New York Times is calling out Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo for claiming that his name “was never mentioned” at the trial of his top aide and close friend Joseph Percoco, who was found guilty of accepting more than $300,000 in bribes.

The New York Times wasn’t buying Cuomo’s spin, so they pulled the transcripts and found that Cuomo’s name was mentioned “136 times, to be precise.”

Cuomo is now trying to mislead voters about his relationship to the Percoco trial because the evidence presented by prosecutors sheds a disparaging light on the corrupt culture of his administration.

The New York Times explains, “the efforts to distance himself from the Percoco verdict are understandable, considering the often unflattering portrait of his administration’s inner workings — including written disparagement of staff, angry outbursts by Mr. Cuomo, and Mafia-like codes and sophomoric nicknames — revealed during the trial.”

Andrew Cuomo can’t escape his close association to political corruption – that’s why his job performance numbers are continuing to tank, with a new poll finding that most New Yorkers now “have a dim view of Cuomo’s job as governor.”