North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory: Republican Governors Are Making the Tough Decisions

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association today launched the next video of the American Comeback project, a national advertising effort designed to tell the success stories and accomplishments of Republican governors.

This week’s featured governor is North Carolina’s Pat McCrory. Governor McCrory has made a number of tough decisions to turn North Carolina into a leading state. Among them, he has reformed an outdated tax system to help attract entrepreneurs, grow business, and bolster the state’s economy.

You can view Governor McCrory’s video here:

“I think every governor and every leader ought to be a basketball official,” said Governor McCrory. “I actually refereed Michael Jordan back in 1984 in an ACC All-Star game, and I called traveling on Michael Jordan. And if you’re willing to call traveling on Michael Jordan in North Carolina, you’re willing to make the tough decisions for the future.”

“The best governors, the best leaders, are those who get out of the government bubble and see what’s really happening on the ground,” said Governor McCrory. “They matter every day, and we’ve got to make sure as governors and as leaders that we don’t get in their way and we don’t hinder their fulfilling their potential.”

“I don’t think change is going to come from Washington, nor should we expect change to come from Washington,” Governor McCrory concluded. “Change is going to come from those that are closest to the people. It is Republican governors that are driving America’s comeback.”

The American Comeback project will grow to include more videos focused on individual Republican governors, their personal journeys and the progress they’ve made toward bringing prosperity to their states.

You can view previously released American Comeback videos featuring Republican governors here: