Nonpartisan Analysts: Newsom’s Proposal To Address California’s Homeless Crisis Won’t Have “Meaningful Impact”

California’s homeless crisis is spiraling out of control, and a new nonpartisan analysis shows that Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom isn’t doing much of anything to fix it.

A new report from California’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office finds that even though Newsom stated that addressing homelessness would be his top priority of 2020, his proposed $1.4 billion plan actually does little to address the issue. According to the nonpartisan analysis, Newsom’s plan “likely won’t have a meaningful impact,” and the governor “does not present a clear strategy.”

The jarring statistics show that Newsom’s attempts to address the issue are more rhetoric than reality. On his watch, nearly half of the nation’s unsheltered homeless population lives in California and in his first year in office the state’s homeless population grew by an astounding rate of 16.4%.

Instead of taking responsibility for failing to provide solutions, Newsom has attempted to blame Republicans despite Democrats holding legislative supermajorities in deep-blue California.

“It’s clear from his utter failure to address this crisis facing communities across California that Gavin Newsom is more interested in partisan political rhetoric than real solutions,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “With more than 150,000 homeless residents, Californians deserve a leader who will take the situation seriously instead of offering half-baked plans that nonpartisan analysts agree accomplish nothing.”