No Comment Cordray Stays Silent On Supporter Bill O’Neill’s Demeaning Comments In Ohio

Since he decided to resign from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to run for Ohio Governor, Richard Cordray has refused to give straight answers on any one of the number of controversies currently surrounding him. Not only has Cordray refused to explain why he made an eleventh hour attempt to throw the CFPB into chaos by appointing his chief of staff to undermine the authority of its acting leader, Mick Mulvaney, but he’s refused to say anything about his biggest supporter in Ohio: Supreme Court Justice and Ohio gubernatorial candidate Bill O’Neill.

O’Neill, who has been running for governor on the condition that Cordray does not enter the race, set off a firestorm of controversy earlier this month when he published a Facebook post defending disgraced Senator Al Franken while making demeaning comments regarding numerous women from his past. Since then, O’Neill has faced widespread condemnation along with calls to resign and end his candidacy, but he has refused to do either so far. However, O’Neill did say he would leave the race and support Cordray’s candidacy if he were to enter, signaling his eagerness to give the former CFPB bureaucrat his first official endorsement should he decide to run.

O’Neill was condemned by all four declared Democrat Ohio gubernatorial candidates, who also called on him to resign his position, but Cordray still hasn’t weighed in on the matter, even after his resignation. Since July, O’Neill has stated unequivocally that he would support Cordray for governor and be his biggest supporter in Ohio. If Cordray does intend to seek Ohio’s highest office, it is unacceptable for him to stay silent on his top supporter’s inexcusable conduct.