Nikki Fried Declares Her Support for Critical Race Theory

Photo credit: John Raoux, AP

It shouldn’t come as a surprise Nikki Fried is continuing her race to the left in the lead up to what will be a popcorn-worthy primary against Charlie Crist. Yesterday, Fried came out in support of critical race theory as reported by The Floridian.

“Nikki Fried apparently wants to erase our history and teach Florida’s children that America is a racist country,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Hundreds of thousands of Floridians left state-sponsored indoctrination like the kind Fried wants back in their communist nations. There is no reality where voters put Fried in a position to allow that in Florida.”

PS: Fried apparently also said yesterday that the Ayatollah of Iran “has been dead for 30 years.” Someone may want to let her know he is very much alive, and Twitter claimed his calls for a genocide of the Jewish people last year were just political speech.