NH Dem Gov Candidate Steve Marchand: Single-Payer Healthcare Is “The Right Move”

Just days into his bid for New Hampshire governor, Democrat Steve Marchand is already positioning himself as a far-left candidate for the 2018 election. New video shows Marchand, who has been on record supporting the disastrous Obamacare law, describing his openness to left-wing single-payer healthcare at a recent event:

STEVE MARCHAND:“You need to change health insurance, not to attach it to the employer, but with the employee. And that means that we need to talk about single payer at some point here.”

Marchand appears to be making single-payer healthcare a key part of his platform, giving similar comments to a sparse audience a week later:

STEVE MARCHAND:“Just the other day, she heard me talking on the phone with somebody about why single payer coverage, or really, attaching insurance to the individual rather than the employer is obviously the right move if you want a pro-entrepreneur, pro-growth, dynamic economy because, it’s an entrepreneurial based economy that is stifled by insurance being stuck with the employer.”

Steve Marchand appears to believe that imposing single-payer healthcare and outrageous tax hikes on Hew Hampshire voters is a sound strategy to become their next governor. As the New Hampshire Union Leader reports, this is likely “to come up again” throughout the gubernatorial campaign. But while these far-left stances may help Marchand win over primary voters, they show Granite State families how hopelessly out of touch he is with their values.