Newsom using public office for personal gain, again

Photo credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Ever since the French Laundry incident, Newsom has tried to tighten up his administration in the hopes of preventing more examples of his hypocrisy and Sacramento corruption. Tried, but failed as the latest example shows once again Newsom is going to profit as much as he can from being in office. As reported yesterday, $2.3 million was handed to his wife’s nonprofit from organizations directly lobbying Newsom, and tax records show she is still receiving an salary.

“From his secret dinners to the hushed funneling of funds, it’s clear Gavin Newsom and his allies have no remorse when it comes to using his office for their own benefit,” said RGA Action spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “As thousands of Californians are still without jobs because of Newsom’s bad policies, his family has been cashing in.”

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

“The flow of corporate donations to Newsom’s wife’s nonprofit that night are part of a pattern, a Sacramento Bee investigation found.

“From 2011 through 2018, the nonprofit has paid Siebel Newsom more than $290,000 per year — $2.3 million in all — for her leadership work and for creating three documentary films on social justice themes, according to the nonprofit’s tax returns. That’s more than 20% of the $10.4 million it received from contributors. The Newsoms’ tax returns and financial disclosure forms show she has continued to draw a salary since her husband became governor.

“Many donations came from California philanthropists, venture capitalists and people who inherited great wealth.

“But in recent years, as Newsom’s political star ascended, records show his wife’s nonprofit received more than $800,000 from a dozen corporations that regularly lobby state government on matters affecting their financial bottom lines. In 2015, the year Newsom announced he would run for governor, The Representation Project’s contributions increased by 30% to almost $1.6 million.”

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