It’s “News” To Jay Inslee That Anarchists Have Established Their Own Nation In Seattle

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee apparently missed the memo that the largest city in the state is under siege by radical anarchists. Not only have Antifa-led forces stormed city hall in Seattle and demanded the resignation of the city’s uber-progressive mayor,  they have established the “CHAZ,” or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, a left-wing utopia comprising multiple city blocks, which claims to be independent from America.

The City Journal reports:

Seattle’s hard-Left secessionist movement has claimed its first territory: six blocks in the Capitol Hill neighborhood…Antifa black shirts, and armed members of the hard-Left John Brown Gun Club seized control of the neighborhood, moved the barricades into a defensive position, and declared it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone—even putting up a cardboard sign at the barricades declaring “you are now leaving the USA.”

When asked about the ongoing dangerous situation in the state that he is theoretically responsible for governing, Inslee’s answer shocked pretty much everyone:

“That’s news to me, so I’ll have to reserve any comment about it…I have not heard anything about that.”

Governor Inslee should probably move up his briefing schedule, as the “citizens” of CHAZ are refusing to leave and have released a list of demands including “the abolition of imprisonment” and abolishing the Seattle Police Department, in addition to threats of burning down a police station and surrounding businesses.

President Trump called for Inslee to “move fast” and take immediate action to restore order in Seattle. But Washingtonians are unlikely to be holding their breath after Inslee allowed Nigerian con artists to steal hundreds of millions of dollars in unemployment benefits from workers struggling due to COVID-19 job losses.

“As Seattle anarchists are attempting to take leave of the United States, Absentee Jay Inslee has apparently taken leave of his mind,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Jay Inslee is either living under a rock larger than Mt. Rainier or outright lying to Washington citizens as their largest city descends into chaos. Either way, Inslee’s inability to perform the most basic functions of governing make him unequipped to run a hot dog stand, let alone a state. The people of Washington deserve a leader who will keep them safe, not surrender to Antifa.”