New Yorkers Brace For Major Tax Hikes To Pay For Andrew Cuomo’s Out-of-Control Spending

The Times-Herald Record editorial board is urging New Yorkers to brace for major tax hikes because the bill for Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s out-of-control spending is finally coming due. New York’s Democrat Comptroller has issued a warning over the state’s massive $9 billion deficit, and that number could be even higher, since under Cuomo the state has largely underfunded capital projects like roads, bridges, sewers and the New York City subway system.

New York deserves better than Andrew Cuomo’s reckless tax-and-spend method of governing.

Times-Herald Record: Editorial: New Yorkers bracing for bad news on taxes
When it comes to New York state finances, there is bad news and worse news.

The bad news is that revenues are not coming in as expected, leaving a gap of close to $9 billion unless things turn around soon, which nobody expects them to. The sad reality comes courtesy of the state comptroller, Tom DiNapoli, whose estimate is more than double the amount that Gov. Andrew Cuomo had predicted.

Now, we have no windfall on the horizon, concerns about revenues lower than expectations and even more needy capital projects in an aging infrastructure that is going to require even more infusions of large amounts of cash.

As recent reports by The New York Times documented, the problems that have become so visible in the city subway system are a result of bad management and bad decisions to some extent, but also reflect a regular failure to invest in repairs and maintenance. It’s a story that is being repeated on roads and bridges, in water and sewer systems all around the state.