New York Dem Gov Andrew Cuomo Tries To Mask His New Tax Hike Plan

In an unsurprising move, tax-and-spend New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to hit New Yorkers with a combined $1 billion in new taxes and fees. But in an insult to tax-weary residents, Cuomo is refusing to be honest about his tax hike, and is instead laughingly trying to get away with calling his new taxes and fees “revenue raisers.”

The Associated Press explains, “Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls them ‘revenue actions’ and ‘revenue raisers…’ Also known as taxes and fees.”

Facing a massive budget deficit from years of reckless spending and an out-migration crisis, Cuomo is trying to disguise his billion-dollar tax hike plan because Cuomo knows that voters aren’t interested in even higher New York taxes.

NY1 News reporter Zack Fink called Cuomo’s phrase “a fancy way of saying new fees and taxes.” The Buffalo News explains that Cuomo’s plan would raise taxes on a bevy of industries and products, including health insurance. Cuomo’s plan would also raise taxes on online purchases and commercial buses.

New Yorkers are already among the most over-taxed in the country – they need a break, not a billion-dollar tax increase from a governor who won’t even be honest about his plan.