In New TV Ad, Ralph Northam Highlights His Non-Existent Tax Plan For Virginia

Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam’s struggling campaign continues to commit head-scratching mistakes. Late last week, Northam released a new TV ad directing voters to his website to look up his tax plan. But there’s one big problem – it doesn’t exist. The Washington Post reported on Friday that despite what Northam says in his ad, “there is no detailed tax plan on Northam’s campaign website” and even though Northam’s campaign promised back in April that it would release a set of guiding principles on tax reform, “it never did.”

While GOP gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie continues to lay out a comprehensive policy to lower the tax burden on Virginia businesses and families, Northam’s bizarre decision to put out an ad touting a non-existent tax policy shows that he has no intention of backing up his talk on the campaign trail with any actual substance.

The Washington Post reports:

“Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam released an ad calling on viewers to go online to compare his plan for economic growth, including bipartisan tax reform, with Republican rival Ed Gillespie’s plan for a tax cut for the wealthy.

But there is no detailed tax plan on Northam’s campaign website, aside from his call to lower grocery taxes for poor people and to create a bipartisan tax panel.

What’s more, Northam’s campaign said in April it would release a set of ‘guiding principles’ on tax reform within a week. It never did, and a reference to that promise to voters was removed from the campaign’s website — until a reporter pointed it out…

Under the ‘taxes’ tab of the policy section, Northam’s campaign website lists an April 24 news release announcing he wants to lower grocery taxes for low-income Virginians, without specifying how, and to create a bipartisan tax commission to work out the details of a tax code overhaul.”