New RGA Nevada PAC Ad: Cronyism

WASHINGTON, D.C. – RGA Nevada PAC, an affiliate of the Republican Governors Association, launched a TV ad entitled “Cronyism” today, hitting Governor Steve Sisolak for fast-tracking a shady COVID testing company that got 96% of their test results wrong, costing Nevadans’ lives. The company has close ties to one of Sisolak’s campaign donors and his administration is under investigation for the scandal. The ad starts today and has $2.5 million behind it.


“While Nevadans were battling the detrimental effects of the pandemic, Governor Steve Sisolak was helping campaign donors land government contracts,” said RGA Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. “As a result of Sisolak’s cronyism, 96% of Nevadans who were tested for COVID by this corrupt company received inaccurate test results. Nevada families deserve better.”


It’s a tale of corruption and cronyism that cost lives.

Steve Sisolak’s Administration fast-tracked a government contract for a shady company tied to a campaign donor.

Sisolak got thirty eight grand in campaign cash.

His donor’s sons got a COVID testing contract for their client.

But ninety six percent of their tests failed to identify COVID cases…while Nevadans were dying.

Now there’s an investigation…and Steve Sisolak is caught in the middle.