New Report: New York Dem Gov Andrew Cuomo Put Subway Photo-Op Ahead of Public Safety

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo apparently cares more about flashy headlines and photo-ops than keeping the public safe.

A shocking New York Times report released last week reveals how Cuomo, who is in charge of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, rushed the opening of the Second Avenue subway line in New York City before safety testing was finished.

It was an attempt to put a “lavish” New Years eve champagne photo-op ahead of the safety of New Yorkers. One former federal official even called it “a ribbon-cutting ceremony to benefit the governor”.

It’s just more proof that Andrew Cuomo is a self-interested politician who cares about his desires more than the public.

The New York Times explains, “In a rush to finish New York City’s long-awaited Second Avenue subway by a New Year’s Day deadline imposed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority failed to complete final safety testing before opening the line to the public, according to oversight reports submitted to the federal government.”

“When the stations opened on Jan. 1, the fire alarm system was still being tested and more than 17,000 defects found during inspections had not been fixed, according to the reports.”

“Now more than eight months after the lavish opening, complete with sparkling wine and an elegant midnight celebration on New Year’s Eve, the subway line is still operating under a temporary safety certificate, according to the Federal Transit Administration.”

“’It would be better to wait a couple more months and get it right, rather than prematurely have a ribbon-cutting ceremony to benefit the governor,’ said Larry Penner, a former official at the Federal Transit Administration who oversaw grants for projects in New York and New Jersey.”