New Report: Democrat Stacey Abrams Collected Taxpayer-Funded Reimbursements During Political Activities

It’s no secret that far-left Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has been plagued by ethical issues throughout her career as a politician, but a new report raises even more questions over whether she sought to profit from public office.

A new report by All On Georgia reveals that Abrams collected “official business” per diem days for personal and political events over 70 times while in office as a member of the Georgia state legislature. Abrams reportedly accumulated over $11,500 in per diem reimbursements for “Democratic Party events, Hillary Clinton speeches, and so-called ‘Resistance’ events in 2017.”

Already facing questions for loaning her campaign $50,000 while still owing the IRS $54,000 in unpaid taxes, Abrams appears to have used Georgia taxpayer dollars to pay for her political activities. Abrams can’t be trusted to lead.