New Report: Connecticut Democrats Remain ‘Jittery’ Over Governor’s Race

With Failed Governor Dan Malloy’s approval rating at an all-time low while his Democrat Enablers double-down on his disastrous policies, the 2018 Connecticut governor’s race continues to be a top pick-up opportunity for Republicans. The Boston Globe reports that Connecticut Democrats are “jittery” about their chances of staying in power, citing massive tax hikes, business departures, and egregious fiscal mismanagement.

Even the state’s Democratic national committeeman, John Olsen, acknowledges how difficult it will be for Democrats after Malloy’s failures, stating that “no one is even trying to spin it that it will be simply OK.” The Globe also notes how the decision by top-tier Democrat candidates like Malloy, Nancy Wyman, Ted Kennedy Jr., and every member of Congress not to run for governor has defined the race on the Democrat side, leaving them with a weak bench of third and fourth tier candidates for the state’s highest office.

The Boston Globe reports:

“You’d be forgiven if you haven’t thought much about the Connecticut governor’s race. With all that’s happening politically on a national level, and indeed around New England, a low-profile race in deep-blue state might not seem worth much attention. 

But it should be and here’s why: Connecticut provides the best chance in the country for Republicans to flip a governorship from blue to red. Doing so would bring not just bragging rights, but the ability to influence legislative redistricting and maybe even turn around a state that badly needs both an economic and political fix. It could also mean we might see Republican governors in five of the six New England states…

The race is also defined by who isn’t running. Malloy, the Democratic incumbent, isn’t seeking a third term, leaving an open seat. His lieutenant governor passed on a run, as did state Senator Ted Kennedy Jr., son of the former Massachusetts senator. Every member of Congress also decided against a run… 

What was once was the wealthiest state in the country is now broke. The public pension system needs to be rescued. Several major corporations, like General Electric, have left in recent years. That has taken away jobs, reduced state revenues, and depressed reduced the prices of homes. When Malloy raised income taxes, some of the state’s wealthiest residents just moved to a different state. When the state government finally passed a two-year budget (six months after they were supposed to) they did so with the knowledge the state will still have a $224 million deficit.

…the dam broke on his watch, and that’s left the party jittery about its chances of staying in power.

‘Inside the party there is a deep appreciation that we have a fight on our hands to retain the governor’s office. No one is even trying to spin it that it will be simply OK,’ said John Olsen, the state’s Democratic national committeeman.”