NEW REPORT: Ben Jealous Is So Radically Far-Left, Even Democrats In Maryland Are Refusing To Support Him

Maryland Democrat gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous is reportedly facing outright “resistance” from his own party over his radical tax hike plans. Some Democrats are even refusing to endorse Jealous over it, or are praising Republican Governor Larry Hogan. One well-known Democrat, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Legget, is “declining to endorse Jealous” because of his position on tax hikes. Another, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. is “praising Hogan for ‘governing from the middle.’”

One Democratic strategist even admitted that Jealous “has no chance against Hogan” if he continues to back these radical tax hike plans.

The Washington Post reports that Jealous is “facing resistance from some fellow Democrats uneasy with his left-wing platform.”

“‘Everybody in the Democratic establishment is concerned that if he doesn’t moderate himself, he has no chance against Hogan,’ said a Democratic strategist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the topic was politically sensitive.”

Democrats are right to be concerned about Ben Jealous. He’s made a radical healthcare plan that would force a $2,800 tax on every man, woman and child in the state the very centerpiece of his campaign, and has refused to detail how he would pay for his far-left education plan. Jealous would destroy Maryland’s economy, and even Democrats know it.