NEW RACE RANKING: Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball Moves Maine Governor’s Race To “Toss-Up”

With a strong GOP candidate in businessman Shawn Moody, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball has moved the Maine governor’s race towards the GOP, from ‘Lean Democratic” to “Toss-up.” They also note that Republicans now have a chance to “sweep all six governorships in New England this year.”

Crystal Ball writes that the Maine governor’s race “has developed in such a way that we’re not so sure the Democrats are favored anymore,” with two other liberal-leaning third party candidates that threaten to split the Democratic vote.

“A recent Suffolk University poll demonstrated the Democratic dilemma: Mills and Moody were tied at 39%, with the two non-major party candidates taking a combined 7% of the vote, and we’ve heard of at least one other poll that shows something similar,” concludes Crystal Ball. “So we’re going from Leans Democratic to Toss-up in Maine.”