NEW POLL: Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown’s Job Approval Rating Plummets 15 Points In Past Year

With multiple reports of mismanagement at state agencies, a growing foster care crisis, tax hikes on healthcare and now a massive new tax increase on small businesses, Democrat Governor Kate Brown’s approval ratings have taken a nosedive in Oregon.

In just the past year, Brown’s approval rating has plummeted 15 points according to new polling from Morning Consult. Now, just 43% of voters approve of Kate Brown, down from 58% only one year ago.

Such a drastic drop in her approval rating should be a warning to Brown as she seeks re-election – voters are realizing that Brown is more focused on garnering headlines than getting real results for the hardworking families, businesses and taxpayers of Oregon.

It’s more evidence that Oregonians are ready for a change in leadership this November.

Morning Consult:
April 2017 – Kate Brown: 58% Approve 31% Disapprove
July 2017 – Kate Brown: 53% Approve 33% Disapprove
October 2017 – Kate Brown: 50% Approve 34% Disapprove
January 2018 – Kate Brown: 45% Approve 37% Disapprove
April 2018 – Kate Brown: 43% Approve 39% Disapprove