NEW POLL: Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown’s Approval Rating Drops 13 Points As Her Mismanagement Is Exposed

As apparent mismanagement scandals at various state agencies pile up, Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown’s approval rating continues to plummet. In just the past nine months, Brown’s approval rating is down 13 points and is now well under fifty percent as she heads into what’s expected to be a competitive re-election campaign.

A 13-point, consistent drop in approval in such a short span of time should be concerning to Brown as she pushes for damaging tax hikes that threaten to drive her numbers down even further. It’s more evidence that Oregonians are not happy with her tax-hike agenda and her inability to manage state government.

Morning Consult Polling:
April 2017 – Kate Brown: 58% Approve; 31% Disapprove
July 2017 – Kate Brown: 53% Approve; 33% Disapprove
October 2017 – Kate Brown: 50% Approve; 34% Disapprove
January 2018 – Kate Brown: 45% Approve; 37% Disapprove