New Poll: NY Dem Gov Andrew Cuomo’s Approval Ratings Nosedive Amidst Top Aide’s Corruption Trial

Amidst the corruption trial of Andrew Cuomo’s top aide, a new poll finds that the New York governor’s approval ratings have taken a nosedive.

A Sienna College poll out today finds that Cuomo’s approval rating fell 9 points in just the last month, and his disapproval rating is up 10 points. The Daily Gazette writes, “Siena pollster Steven Greenberg said the governor’s numbers took a hit with Democrats, Republicans and independents.”

The fall in Cuomo’s approval rating comes as the corruption trial of his top aide shines a light on his office’s unethical practices. The Post-Standard editorial board took Cuomo’s Albany to task this weekend in an editorial, writing that the corruption trial “is giving the public a crash course in how Albany insiders operate outside ethics and disclosure laws.”

New York deserves better than Andrew Cuomo’s crooked governance.