NEW POLL – Majority of Pennsylvania Voters Say It’s Time to Oust Dem Gov Tom Wolf

Unable to pass a properly funded budget for the second time in his brief tenure during ongoing fiscal crises, Democrat Governor Tom Wolf’s poll numbers continue to slide. His latest approval ratings are being called “dismal”.

A new survey out this week from Susquehanna Polling and Research shows that Wolf remains deeply unpopular among voters in Pennsylvania, with a majority now saying it’s time to oust Wolf.

ABC 27 explains,

“Pennsylvania’s chief executive, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, is also struggling in the commonwealth, according to the poll. The question asked if Wolf deserved reelection or if a new person should get a chance?”

“Only 35 percent of respondents gave Wolf a thumbs up. Fifty percent said give someone new a chance and 15 percent were undecided.”

That’s a drop from May, when Wolf’s approval stood at 41%.

Tom Wolf has been unable to deliver for the people of Pennsylvania – now, voters are saying it’s time for new leadership.