New Poll: GOP Governor Chris Sununu Holds Strong 62% Job Rating In New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, GOP Governor Chris Sununu’s effective leadership is moving the state forward – and voters have taken notice. A new Granite State Poll released today by the University of New Hampshire’s Survey Center shows Governor Sununu with a strong 62% job approval rating, making him one of the most popular governors in America, and that 75% of voters believe the state is on the right track. During the 2016 campaign, Governor Sununu told voters he would work hard to expand opportunity and improve the state – and as shown in this poll – he’s getting results.

UNH Survey Center reports:

“Just seven months into his first term, a majority of Granite Staters approve of Governor Chris Sununu’s job performance Currently 62% approve of the job Sununu is doing, 16% disapprove, and 22% are neutral or unsure.

 The percentage of respondents who approve of Sununu has increased each quarter, while the percentage who disapprove has remained relatively steady.

 Sununu enjoys bipartisan job approval-three in four Republicans (76%) approve of the job Sununu’s doing, while three in five (60%) Independents and half (50%) of Democrats approve.

 A large majority of New Hampshire residents believe the state is headed in the right direction. Currently, 75% of New Hampshire adults feel the state is headed in the right direction, only 15% think the state is seriously off on the wrong track, and 10% don’t know or are unsure.”