New Poll: GOP Governor Charlie Baker In Strong Position For Re-Election In Massachusetts

A new poll from WBUR shows GOP Governor Charlie Baker in strong position for re-election in 2018 and that he continues to rank as one of the nation’s most popular governors. Governor Baker holds a high 64 percent favorability rating, and leads any potential Democrat gubernatorial opponents by double-digits. With Governor Baker in charge, Massachusetts knows they have dynamic leader standing up for them, and they continue to reward him with high marks in response.

WBUR reports:

“The poll also finds Gov. Charlie Baker is still more popular among Massachusetts voters than Warren: 64 percent of registered voters say they have a favorable view of the Republican governor.

Charlie Baker is very popular,’ says MassINC pollster Steve Koczela, who conducted the survey for WBUR. ‘Throughout most of his term, he’s been either one of the most popular or the most popular governor in America.’

Baker is even popular among Democrats: 57 percent of registered Democratic voters maintain a favorable view of him.'”