New Poll: 10 Most Popular Governors in America Are Republicans

In their latest rankings of the job performance of all 50 governors, new polling via Morning Consult indicates that most voters across America overwhelmingly approve of their Republican governor. The poll, which included more than 85,000 registered voters, shows that the 10 most popular chief executives in America are Republican governors – all of which have approval ratings north of 60 percent.

In deep-blue Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker ranks as the most popular governor in America with an astounding 75 percent approval rating. Maryland’s Larry Hogan is the second most popular governor in America, with a strong 73 percent job rating – even though Democrats outnumber Republicans in the state by a 2-1 margin. Both are up for re-election in 2018.

North Dakota’s Doug Burgum ranked third overall with a high 69 percent approval rating, and Vermont’s newly elected governor Phil Scott ranked fourth overall with a 68 percent approval rating – again proving that Republicans can win and govern effectively – even in states that are typically dominated by Democrats.

As this poll shows, voters highly agree that Republican governors are America’s doers. Republican chief-executives are transforming their states for the better, driving economic growth, reinventing state government and getting results.