New Mexico Dem Gov Candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham Plagued By Charges of Corruption From Fellow Dems

New Mexico Democrat gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to be plagued by allegations from her Democrat rivals that she’s corrupt and only out for herself.

Leading up to the statewide convention last March, three Democrat gubernatorial candidates, Jeff Apodaca, Joseph Cervantes, and Peter DeBenedittis, accused Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Democrat party of “rigging” the primary in her favor.

Now, in a recent ad, Cervantes is asserting that Lujan Grisham has “made a bundle off government contracts” since joining Congress, while arguing she’s not “working for” the people she purports to serve.

The fact that Democrats are continuing to attack Lujan Grisham’s ethics raises serious questions about whether she can be trusted as governor.

Albuquerque Journal Reports:

“The gloves are coming off in New Mexico’s three-way Democratic gubernatorial race.

One of the candidates, Joseph Cervantes, launched a TV campaign ad today that targets Michelle Lujan Grisham, the perceived front-runner in the race, for making money off government contracts while a member of Congress and taking hefty out-of-state campaign contributions. 

The 30-second ad features a picture of President Donald Trump waving goodbye to a New Mexico-bound airplane and opens with the line, ‘Who’s Michelle Lujan Grisham working for? Not us.”