NEW KANSAS AD: On Education, Kelly Sides with Radicals, Not Parents

Sexually explicit lessons.
Boys in girls’ sports. Too many white teachers.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association Kansas 2022 PAC released a new TV ad in Kansas today highlighting Democrat Laura Kelly’s record of siding with radicals looking to influence Kansas schools.

In 2018, Kelly promised to “make our schools a top priority again,” but instead she has spent her time as governor blocking efforts to protect students and give parents more choice. Earlier this year, Kelly vetoed a parents’ bill of rights, which would have guaranteed parents of public school children could inspect teaching materials and opt their children out of any material that interferes with a parent’s values. Kelly has also twice vetoed legislation to ban biological males from competing in girls’ and women’s sports.

Watch “Make Her History” here.

“Democrat Laura Kelly tries to claim she’s ‘middle of the road’ and the ‘education governor,’ but her record tells a different story,” said RGA Kansas spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Time and again, Kelly has sided with radical priorities like keeping parents out of the classroom, letting biological boys compete against girls, and discouraging American history. Kansans won’t stand for it, and in November voters will make Kelly history.”


Announcer: “Laura Kelly promised to fix our schools.

“Instead of siding with parents, she’s siding with radicals pushing their agenda onto our kids.

“Sexually explicit lessons, even in kindergarten.

“Biological boys competing against girls in high school sports.

“Now Kelly’s hand-picked commissioners say we have too many white teachers. Look it up.

“And Laura Kelly herself opposes requiring students to know American history.

“Let’s make Governor Kelly history. Vote. Laura. Kelly. Out.”