At New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate, Phil Murphy Refuses To Give A Straight Answer On Tax Hikes

At last night’s final gubernatorial debate, former Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy continued his stunning refusal to give voters a straight answer on his plans to impose massive tax-hikes on New Jersey families. When pressed by Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno on how he would pay for all of his promises, which now total in the high billions, Murphy once again dodged, and refused to explain how he would do so.

 As Murphy continued to duck the issue, an audience member shouted “answer the question,” which Guadagno repeated to loud applause when Murphy pretended he couldn’t hear them. Still, Murphy refused to do so, responding only with a question of his own. Murphy continues to show that he can’t be trusted to lead New Jersey.


The Associated Press reports:

“A memorable exchange unfolded after Guadagno asked Murphy how he planned to pay for a number of promises he’s made, including fully funding the state pension, increasing school aid and providing tuition-free community college.

Murphy began by saying that Guadagno wasn’t using true figures in her cost estimates. Then a member of the audience shouted ‘Answer the question.’

 Murphy responded he couldn’t hear what was said, so Guadagno repeated it for him. ‘Answer the question, was the shout,’ she said.

The moderators then cut off the conversation because of the interruptions, but Murphy responded with his own question.”