New Jersey Dem Gov Phil Murphy Focused On Infighting, Not Governing

Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s growing discord with his own party continues to drag down his administration in New Jersey.

Politico is reporting that Murphy’s conflict with South New Jersey Democrat Party boss George Norcross “has turned into an open civil war” with Murphy launching “an unprecedented public attack on Norcross” by opening an inquiry into state tax incentive programs. This comes as Norcross has savaged Murphy in the press, calling him “politically incompetent” and a “liar” who thinks he is “the King of England.”

Tensions have also risen between Murphy and Democrat State Senate President Stephen Sweeney who attacked Murphy for running a “patronage pit” by hiring insiders and cronies for plum taxpayer-paid positions.

“Phil Murphy continues to show more interest in winning an intra-party Democrat power struggle than doing his job,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “While Murphy drags New Jersey backwards by imposing massive tax hikes while turning a blind eye to corruption, his focus on infighting instead of leading shows how badly he has failed working New Jersey families.”