New Jersey Dem Gov Candidate Phil Murphy’s $1.3 Billion Tax Hike Would Be Just The Beginning

In the New Jersey governor’s race, Democrat Phil Murphy is so out-of-touch, he’s already admitting that he would increase taxes by $1.3 BILLION. As if that isn’t shocking enough, it would more than likely not even cover all of his campaign promises, which would cost even more. If Phil Murphy is openly admitting that he would hike taxes on New Jersey families by $1.3 billion, you can be rest assured that’s just the beginning – and the actual figure would be much much higher. New Jersey families can’t afford Phil Murphy as governor.

The NJ Observer reports:

“Phil Murphy’s proposed tax increases would raise roughly $1.3 billion a year, his spokesman told Observer… releasing for the first time a cost estimate of the Democratic gubernatorial nominee’s plans to pay for a multitude of campaign promises.

…the costs of Murphy’s sweeping package of liberal priorities has been unclear. Even with an added $1.4 billion in the state budget and an extra $1 billion in natural revenue growth, Murphy could be cutting it close — or come up short — as he seeks funding for all the items on his wish list.”