New Hampshire Democratic Primary Descends Into Dueling Race To The Left

The August heat is rising and so is the temperature of the New Hampshire Democratic primary as dueling liberals Dan Feltes and Andru Volinsky fight to the finish in their attempt to square off against popular Governor Chris Sununu.

While Governor Sununu continues to enjoy sky-high approval ratings and strong bipartisan support, Feltes and Volinsky are demonstrating precisely how out-of-touch they are with New Hampshire working families by racing to the radical left.

Governor Sununu has stood strong against burdening families and businesses with more taxes, but Tax Twins Feltes and Volinsky are locked in a battle over who would raise taxes more radically. Feltes is open about his support for a capital gains tax, a tax even Volinsky believes is akin to an income tax, while Volinsky is eager to embrace all “options,” including a sales tax and income tax. Not to be outdone, Feltes has already tried to pass an income tax – twice – and stated he wouldn’t take any taxes off the table.

The potshots haven’t stopped there. Volinsky is crowing that he is “the only progressive for the job” in a campaign ad and doubled down in a recent debate. And when it comes to the Green New Deal, it’s more like the Mean New Deal between these two: Volinsky insists that Feltes is a “part-time climate change champion,” while Feltes fired back that Volinsky’s plan would leave Granite Staters freezing in the winter. While they’re exchanging barbs and sniping over endorsements, Feltes and Volinsky were also promising radical policy proposals, such as taxpayer-funded healthcare for illegal immigrants and an Andrew Yang-style Universal Basic Income.

“Regardless of who New Hampshire Democrats nominate on September 8th, both Dan Feltes and Andru Volinsky are guaranteed to take the state off course and steadily leftward by growing government, raising taxes, and sabotaging economic growth,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Governor Chris Sununu’s common sense, effective leadership will successfully guide the Granite State through recovery from COVID-19 and forward toward a strong comeback and an even brighter future.”