New Hampshire Democrat Dan Feltes Tries To Hide His Record As A Serial Tax Hiker

As he signals a possible run for New Hampshire’s highest office in 2020, Democrat Dan Feltes is desperately trying to hide the fact that he’s a serial tax hiker from Granite State voters.

Feltes has tried to trick voters into forgetting he’s a tax-and-spend liberal, but he spent much of the last legislative session trying to force through a payroll tax by disguising it as an “insurance premium payment” in his proposed legislation. Fortunately, GOP Governor Chris Sununu was there to stop his disingenuous push to raise taxes on Granite Staters by vetoing Feltes’ legislation, memorably writing “No income tax. Not now! Not ever!” in red pen on the bill.

This wasn’t Feltes’ first foray into pushing tax hikes that would destroy the New Hampshire way of life. He also led the charge on attempts to roll back business tax cuts, which would weaken New Hampshire’s unprecedented economic prosperity under Governor Sununu. New Hampshire’s unemployment rate sits at 2.4 percent – the third lowest in the nation.

“With his established history as a serial tax hiker, it’s no surprise that Dan Feltes is trying to hide his record from Granite State voters,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “With Governor Chris Sununu taking the state’s economy to new heights, Feltes is pushing a big-government agenda that would destroy the New Hampshire advantage, and will be soundly rejected by the voters if he makes the mistake of running in 2020.”