In new ad,  Kelly Forgets She Vetoed Fairness in Girls’ Sports Bill (2X!)

Photo credit: Charlie Riedel, AP

Laura Kelly is out with a new TV ad today attempting to whitewash her record on fairness in girls’ sports. Remember, Kelly TWICE vetoed legislation to ban biological males from playing girls’ and women’s sports. In 2021, she said the bill sent “a devastating message” and was “divisive.” Earlier this year, when she vetoed it for a second time, she said it was “harmful to students.”

Kelly’s ad comes just days after RGA Kansas 2022 started airing their ad “Has to Stop,” featuring female swimmer Riley Gaines share her experience competing against transgender athlete Lia Thomas earlier this year.

A new poll in Kansas out today shows the governors race is a tight race between Kelly and Republican Derek Schmidt, which explains why Kelly’s desperate enough to lie and use taxpayer-funded state resources to confuse voters.

“Laura Kelly is looking Kansans in the eye and flat out lying about her record of failing to protect girls and women from having to compete against biological men in athletics,” said RGA Kansas spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Kelly had the chance as governor not once, but twice, to stand with parents and these young women and girls, and both times she worked against their interests. Kelly’s desperation today shows she’ll do whatever it takes to hold onto power and keep pushing Democrats’ radical education agenda in Kansas schools.”