Nevada Dem Gov Primary Gets Ugly As Steve Sisolak and Chris Giunchigliani Argue Over Who Is More Unethical

With less than two months until Nevada Democrats choose their gubernatorial nominee, Clark County politicians Steve Sisolak and Chris Giunchigliani continue to attack each other. CBS Las Vegas reports that the “personal antagonism between Sisolak and Giunchigliani is spilling over on to the campaign trail” with “no love lost” between the two.

While Giunchigliani has faced questions for paying her late husband’s political firm over $1 million for services, including a large sum when the two purchased a home in Las Vegas, Sisolak has used the issue to attack her record on ethics, proposing legislation prohibiting candidates from paying family members for political work. But Sisolak has his own ethical issues, after voting seven times to give nearly $1 million in grants to a woman whose nonprofit he was in an undisclosed relationship with.

As Sisolak and Giunchigliani desperately try to prove who is more unethical, they’re making one thing clear to Nevada voters: no matter who the Democrat nominee for governor is this year, they will be an ethically questionable Clark County politician, undeserving of the public’s trust.

CBS Las Vegas reports: