Does Nevada Dem Gov Candidate Steve Sisolak Support Far-Left California Billionaire Tom Steyer’s Radical Agenda?

With less than four months to go until Nevada’s 2018 gubernatorial election, far-left California billionaire megadonor Tom Steyer is preparing to spend big to support Democrat Steve Sisolak’s campaign. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Steyer’s NextGen America super PAC just opened an office in Las Vegas as part of their $2 million effort to support Sisolak.

For months, Steyer has been jetting around the country holding town halls, calling for the impeachment of the president while pledging to spend millions in support of far-left Democrat candidates who will push his job-killing proposals that would raise taxes on working families. But while Sisolak appears eager to accept Steyer’s backing, he has yet to say whether he intends to fully support his agenda.

With Steyer’s group spending millions to back Sisolak’s gubernatorial campaign, Nevada voters deserve to know whether he stands by Steyer’s far-left policies and his calls to impeach the president.