Nancy Wyman Doubles Down On Dan Malloy’s Failed Policies In Connecticut

This week, Failed Democrat Governor Dan Malloy’s chief enabler, Nancy Wyman, used her office as Lieutenant Governor to break a tie in the State Senate to pass a union concession agreement. The deal, which was negotiated by Malloy, is certain to cause even more tax hikes and program cuts for a state already rocked by budgetary crisis. In casting her vote, Wyman, who has openly expressed her interest in running to succeed Malloy in 2018, has chosen to double down on Malloy’s policies, which have resulted in multiple credit downgrades, high-profile business departures, and the highest unemployment rate in the region for Connecticut.

The CT Mirror reports:

“On a tie-breaking vote by Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, the Senate gave final approval Monday to a state-employee concessions deal after Democratic leaders mollified three dissenting colleagues with a promise to make a good-faith effort for fiscal reforms…

‘Once you vote for this deal you are trapped,’ said Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano of North Haven. He warned that labor costs under this deal largely will be fixed for the next decade, and that Democrats who ratified it will be responsible for what he says are certain tax hikes and program cuts.”

By signing off on Malloy’s deal with big labor, Wyman has made clear to the people of Connecticut that a vote for her in 2018 would only bring four more years of Dan Malloy’s failed policies.