Murphy telegraphed vax mandate/passport plan in March

Photo credit: Edwin J. Torres, Governor’s Office

Last night video leaked with senior Governor Murphy advisors saying that after the election Murphy will implement a vaccine mandate/passport.

You should not be surprised.

Why? Governor Murphy told CNBC last March that a vaccine passport system was likely to be implemented saying: “don’t throw away the [vaccine] card” and that “there are likely a lot of potential uses for that — going to a sporting event, getting on a plane.


“Phil Murphy floated his idea for a vaccine mandate and passport this spring, but then took a look at the polling in the state and put a hold on his plans until after the election,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Voters cannot trust Murphy to tell the truth, and this leaked video goes to prove that he is just another slimy politician willing to say and do whatever he needs to get elected.”