Murphy 🗣️ the 🗣️ will he 🚶 the 🚶?

Phil Murphy seems unwilling to refuse what the NJ press corps described as a  “golden opportunity” to go on a 6-month state spending spree through election day to attract votes, breaking a key promise in the process.

Governor Murphy promised voters last year that if tax collections perked up in 2020, or if the federal government came through with stimulus aid for New Jersey, that he would “immediately” pay down a large chunk of New Jersey’s $44.4 billion in debt that he added to unnecessarily last spring.

Now all those qualifiers for paying down debt have come true.

The Governor talked the talked, now it’s time for him to walk the walk.

“The federal government came through with boatloads of cash for New Jersey, tax revenues have ‘surged,’ but Murphy still refuses to do as he promised,” said RGA Spokesman Will Reinert. “New Jersey families work hard to balance their budget to make ends meet, but Governor Murphy throws to the wind the idea of ‘fiscal responsibility’ in the name of a short-term political gain that leaves the state worse off in the end.”