Montana Governor Gianforte Immediately Gets To Work Delivering Campaign Promises

Newly elected Governor Greg Gianforte is wasting no time honoring his commitments made on the campaign trail to Montanans. Within his first week of being inaugurated, Governor Gianforte hit the ground running with comprehensive plans for bold reform, a conservative budget, and tax relief for Montana families.

In his very first executive order as governor, he created the Red Tape Relief Task Force to identify any unnecessary or outdated regulations following a full top-to-bottom review. The move is sure to be applauded by the state’s small business owners, farmers, and ranchers, who repeatedly called for such relief amid 16 years of Democratic control in Helena.

Governor Gianforte held true to his promise of tax relief just three days later when he released his budget proposal for the 2023 biennium. His pro-jobs budget, named the “Roadmap to the Montana Comeback,” is a kickstart to the governor’s wide-ranging agenda of a thriving Treasure State with businesses safely open and abundant opportunities for hardworking Montanans.

In addition to making smart investments where Montana needs it the most, the governor has called for cutting the top marginal income tax rate, relieving 4,000 small businesses of the business equipment tax, and increasing property tax relief for low-income homeowners. Just one week into office, Governor Gianforte is well on his way to achieving the full potential of Montana championed in his inaugural address.