MN Dem Gov Candidate Tim Walz Goes Far-Left With LG Pick as Gov Field Backs Tax Hikes

Minnesota Congressman and Democrat candidate for governor Tim Walz threw away his plan to mask himself as a moderate last week, picking a far-left “progressive activist” as his running mate. Then, Walz and the entire field of DFL candidates admitted their plans to raise taxes even higher. It’s another sign that the Democrat primary for governor is moving even further to the left.

Walz’s decision to pick Peggy Flanagan as his lieutenant governor is being called an attempt “bolster his credibility with progressives” – but it could do real damage to his credibility with swing voters.

Flanagan, who the Star Tribune describes as “beloved by Twin Cities progressive activists”, holds radical far-left views. She once headlined an anti-DAPL protest on the national mall, and even opposed Hennepin County’s decision to send police to assist local North Dakota officers during the protest – something Democratic Governor Mark Dayton did not object to.

Flanagan even called for expanding the NFL “take a knee” protests to target the Redskins mascot.

But Walz wasn’t finished. He further tacked to the left, with newspapers reporting over the weekend that Walz “expressed support for a gas tax increase.”

In fact, the Star Tribune reports that the entire DFL field will “raise taxes if necessary” to support more government spending.

Tim Walz’s decision to select a political activist obsessed with inserting herself into left-wing culture wars, and his willingness to join the other DFL candidates in supporting major tax increases, shows that he’s decided to jettison his plans to try and convince voters that he’s a moderate.