MLG’s true state of the state

Photo credit: CNN

Scandal-ridden Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham will give the final state of the state address of her term today, but don’t expect an accurate accounting of her three years in office.

Instead, expect Lujan Grisham to ignore the fact that the state is worse off than ever before and New Mexicans realize that no amount of empty promises can remedy her failed leadership, including:

“Michelle Lujan Grisham’s tough talk on crime and turning around public schools are just empty promises from a scandal-plagued governor desperate to appeal to voters in an election year,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Governor Lujan Grisham is sure to say that throwing cash at the state’s problems, during her election year, will fix things. However, New Mexicans know they need a Governor who will listen to parents instead of teachers’ unions, empower police instead of criminals, and give small businesses the freedom they need to prosper and create good-paying jobs.”